Katell Keineg (born February 1965), is a Breton-Welsh singer-songwriter, based in Dublin and New York.More information about her:

July 4th 2012, McCarthy’s Bar, Dingle, Ireland

June 2nd 2012, Clytha Arms Cider Festival, Abergavenny, Wales. Free festival, outdoor stage, 5pm. More info here.

May 31st 2012, Chapter Arts Center, Cardiff, Wales, 8pm. Plarfform 0 single launch. Tickets £6. More info here.

NEWS: Katell Keineg will be launching a single in Welsh called “Platfform 0. Written in Cardiff train station, it was recorded in New York for the internet radio show, Radio Free Song Club. Katell was accompanied on the recording by its illustrious house band comprising David Mansfield, the film composer and Dylan, Rolling Thunder Revue side-kick and Dave Schramm, formerly of Yo La Tengo amongst other luminaries. Radio Free Song Club is releasing “Platfform 0″ as a free download mp3-with-vinyl-artwork on http://www.radiofreesongclub.com, it will be available from May 22nd 2012.


Excellent sources of information:

+ irish music central- pretty much like a good fan site, with lyrics, biography,discography and everything you might expect.
+ Non-official site- a community group with news as old as 2002. It has several articles published about Katell, that we won’t be repeated here, so you might have to read the almost 400 posts over there (sorry, but I guess we must respect someone who spent 5 years putting information). Bad news is that you won’t have the chance to get the media files at this community, because links have expired. Anyway, it’s a good source of information.If any link appears also here, it must be external sources appering at Google or commercial sites.

  • Interview at NYTimes: July 2006: NYTimes did a wonderful article about Keineg for its magazine. We can read about the fate of many talented artits who were completely forgot by major Record Companies. Keineg signed for Elektra in 1993-4, but she received no support after 1997. Read it at NYTimes
    Esquire Magazine: [Jet] is one of the greatest overlooked pop masterpieces of the decade. The Los Angeles Times: “Keineg litters her lyrical tunes with Celtic, European, Arabic, African and Latin textures and imagery, and her lilting soprano voice combines the siren-like clarity of an Irish folk songstress with the sultry minimalism of a jazz chanteuse.” Musician Magazine:

    Though the sweetly graceful vocals echo such civilized folks as Joni Mitchell and Natalie Merchant, Keineg’s friskier than either of ‘em, and her knack for turning simple tunes into breathtaking epics can be flat-out dazzling. In other words: Wow!

    Rolling Stone: If What’s the Only Thing is any indication of what is to come from Keineg, prepare to be seriously hooked by her frequencies.

    Hotpress 1997: Recommended – top albums of the year

    Irish Times: … in a music industry awash with new women singers … Katell stands apart’

    Cork Independent: “Katell Keineg has seen it, lived it, loved it and lost it…built a formidable reputation as a versatile and emotional performer and musician”



    • O Seasons O Castle (1994)
    • Jet (1997)
    • High July (2004)/li>
    • Complete discography and where to buy at DISCOGRAPHY


More information about her biography:


: about the site
This page is much more like a compilation from things from Web (read Google), so you won’t have the trouble of searching. But I’m keeping only things from commercial sites, so it would be better to check the Non-Official website (linked above) for detailed information.

For a while, it’s a 3-day compile, so you may notice some lack of information, I will add other things as soon as I find time. I apreciate if you send suggestions, files, and whatever related to Katell.

About the compiler: I’m originally a Natalie Merchant’s fan since 92-93, and I’ve heard first about Katell at Natalie’s song “Carnival”. But only when I heard about The Gulf of Araby cover (1998, Ophelia Album) that I realized how good Katell was. Due to some difficulties finding her albums at my homeland (Brazil), only years later I got Jet and Ô Sweet Ô Castles.

When I read the NYTimes article I got the idea of adding a website and spread the word about Katell wonderful work.


Information compiled by Deca (Andreia Hamada) for Superwebsite 2007

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